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Introducere în tehnologia Hemi-Sync®

Iertarea ”Forgiveness” – exercitiu de audio– Citiți traducerea acestui exercițiu aici

Spiritul Sarbatorilor (Spirit of the Season) – Citiți traducerea acestui exercitiu aici.

Broşuri programe Hemi-Sync®
Broşura Programului Excursion® – Descarcă acum
Broşura Programului Gateway Voyage® – Descarcă acum
Broşura Programului Guidelines® – Descarcă acum
Broşura Programului Lifeline® – Descarcă acum
Broşura Programului Exploration 27® – Descarcă acum

Relax, Recharge, and Reset: 10-Minute Corporate Meditation
This brief guided meditation combines gentle cues along with music by Leigh Ann Phillips and Thomas Barquee and SAM audio-guidance technology to help you relax and clear your mind. Practice this 10-minute meditation daily to reduce tension, improve focus, and increase your energy. Find a quiet location or close your office door to eliminate distractions and interruptions. Listen with headphones or earbuds. Drink a glass of water after the exercise is completed. – Enjoy your reset.

Gateway Voyage Open Exercise
Open Exercise is a classic recording from the archives of The Monroe Institute® and was originally part of the residential Gateway Voyage® program.

Collective Guidance Meditation
Use this Spacial Angle Modulation™ (SAM) technology meditation within a group or to connect with other like-minded individuals acting as one in all places and times to welcome and connect with guidance.

Streamhaven Guided Meditation
Soothing live stream recordings combined with Hemi-Sync® frequencies offer a peaceful and refreshing respite from ongoing daily activities. Created and voiced by A.J. Honeycutt. Full version available at Monroe Products.

Hemi-Sync Guided Meditation
Listen to this Free Hemi-Sync® Guided Meditation for relaxation.

Filmul „Awaking Consciousness” (Trezirea conştiinței)

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