Into the Light: Embracing Source



Into the Light: Embracing Source
Into the Light: Embracing Source – Open Exercise
Into the Light: Embracing Source – Booklet

In this fourth offering of the Into the Light series, you will enter the realm of the Black Light, the place of unmanifested potential where you can create with ease and merge with Source — the embracing, loving light that is the foundation of the Universe. In this exquisitely quiet place of complete and utter stillness, there is no ego, no future, no past, simply the eternal now. Features two exercises; the first is verbally guided, and the second is an open exercise where you can spend time in deeper exploration. Hemi-Sync® frequencies help to support this process. Detailed guidance manual included. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Other titles in this series are: Into the Light: Near Death Meditations; Into the Light: Free Flow Meditations; Into the Light: Meeting Your Guides; Into the Light: Exploring the Tunnel; and Into the Light: Radiating Love.