Into the Light: Exploring the Tunnel



Into the Light: Exploring the Tunnel (Explore the Tunnel)
Into the Light: Exploring the Tunnel (Open Exercise)

The third offering in Scott Taylor’s Into the Light series, this album is designed to address two opportunities for exploration. The first exercise, Exploring the Tunnel, is a fully guided exploration of the tunnel often encountered during a near death experience. During this exercise you will prepare your body, mind and energy body to make exploration possible. You will then explore the tunnel as you are guided to experience the colors, music and crystals found in the tunnel. You will connect with the tunnel itself, and discover its origins and significance. The second exercise is an open exercise, where you can revisit structures, people and energies you encountered during the guided exercise. Hemi-Sync® frequencies help to support this process. Detailed guidance manual included. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Other titles in this series are: Into the Light: Near Death Meditations; Into the Light: Free Flow Meditations; Into the Light: Meeting Your Guides; Into the Light: Radiating Love; and Into the Light: Embracing Source;