Into the Light: Radiating Love



Explore and connect to the Clear Light of Love

The fifth offering in this near-death experience series focuses on exploring and connecting to the Clear Light of Love, and recognizing that this love is in us, all around us, and is the fundamental energy of our universe. Scott Taylor guides you on opening your heart, flowing love out into the world and connecting to the love of the Universe. Hemi-Sync® frequencies help hold you in this heart space. Features two tracks; one verbally guided, one an open exercise to explore this state in more depth. Detailed guidance manual included. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Other titles in this series are: Into the Light: Near Death Meditations; Into the Light: Free Flow Meditations; Into the Light: Meeting Your Guides; Into the Light: Exploring the Tunnel; and Into the Light: Embracing Source.