Medicine Work with Hemi-Sync®


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A powerful shamanic musical journey to deep inner worlds with Byron Metcalf and Rob Thomas

This psychoactive composition is designed to guide and support you into deeper territories of your own inner worlds – far beyond the known and familiar. Award-winning shamanic-trance drummer Byron Metcalf and master didgeridoo artist Rob Thomas of Inlakesh combine their musical and personal medicines to create this powerful sonic experience, heightened by the addition of Hemi-Sync®. The journey concludes with the safe return home to the harmonic resonance of the traveler’s heart and true nature. Features Byron Metcalf on frame drums, buffalo drum, bass & ceremonial drums, hybrid toms, udu & clay pots, rattles & shakers, and Rob Thomas on didgeridoos, rattles and shakers, vocal chants and shamanic soundworld. Length: 71 minutes

Other titles by Byron Metcalf are Deep Time Dreaming, The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync®, The Shaman’s Heart II with Hemi-Sync®, The Shaman’s Heart Program, Persistent Visions with Hemi-Sync®, and Spirit Gathering.