The Shaman’s Heart Program: The Path of Authentic Power, Purpose and Presence



SH001DL-1 Shamans Heart Program 1 Invocation
SH001DL-2 Shamans Heart Program 2 Exercise 1
SH001DL-3 Shamans Heart Program 3 Exercise 2
SH001DL-4 Shamans Heart Program 4 Exercise 3
SH001DL-5 Shamans Heart Program 5 Exercise 4
SH001DL-6 Shamans Heart Program 6 Exercise 5
SH001DL-7 Shamans Heart Program 7 Exercise 6
SH001DL-8 Shamans Heart Program 8 The Shamans Heart with Hemi Sync

Dr. Byron Metcalf has created a comprehensive program to help you fully develop your authentic power, purpose and presence by exploring and developing the heart from a shamanic and transpersonal perspective. This program consists of six verbally guided exercises, a special version of Metcalf’s award-winning Metamusic® title, The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync®, and a comprehensive guidance manual.

Other titles by Byron Metcalf are: Deep Time Dreaming, Medicine Work, Persistent Visions with Hemi-Sync®, The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync®, The Shaman’s Heart II with Hemi-Sync®, and Spirit Gathering.